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Let's Talk about the latest episode: Vikings S3E2

Vikings Season 3 Episode 2
Let's Talk contains spoilers.

Lagertha and Athelstan help to set up the Viking settlement; a mysterious wanderer turns up.

Get ready for a revelation (by me), new romances, an injury, a prophecy and a battle!

So the episode previous to this was exciting and shows that there is a battle coming, which was delivered in this episode! Ragnar's group was helping Princess Kwenthrith battle against her uncle and brother and she stated that both raped her when she was younger.
They killed Princess Kwenthrith's uncle. They completely destroyed his other fighters and the Princess took his dead head and spit on it, cut it and destroyed it.

After the battle, Rollo was sitting and looked over and saw a man lying on the ground. Rollo then walked over and cut off this mans leg. At the first cut, the man started screaming and Rollo screamed back. He then continued to cut off this mans leg. Rollo returned to his spot after cutting off the mans leg and said that he cut it off because he didn't like the way it was sitting.
If you had that exact same reaction, you are in the same boat as me.
Why did Rollo do that? Is he insane or just felt the need?

In this episode, this shows that the Vikings can't actually speak English (or at least that is what I take from it). Princess Kwenthrith speaks to Rollo but quickly realizes he can't understand what she is saying. She laughs but starts to flirt with him. Rollo then places his hand on her breasts. She becomes very angry and says: "No!" She leaves and Rollo starts imitating her.

New Romances:
Another thing that occurred in this episode is that King Ecbert is now flirting with Lagertha, who seems to be enjoying it. But I understand why. Ragnar left her for another women, and he now wants her back. But she wants attention and she deserves it. She is an amazing mother and was an amazing wife.

Another romance seems to be on its way as well... Yes, my friends, Athelstan seems to finally have a romance on the way.
Let's take a moment to view Athelstan from season 1 to 3:

Season 1
I have to admit, I was still somewhat attracted to him.

Season 2
Before he met King Ecbert

Season 2
After he met King Ecbert

Season 3

What occurred is Athelstan and Lagertha were helping set up the Viking settlement. When they returned to the town to get ready to leave, Athelstan went to the (I apologize that I don't have the correct name) place Munks went to write scriptures from the Bible.
This was then that Judith, King Ecbert's daughter-in-law, walks in on his doing that. He apologizes profusely and explains that he was just remembering what it was like. She states that it is fine, she just wants to confess. He tells her he cannot but she insists she confess to him because her normal Priest is away. Athelstan agrees.
Now, at this point, we all know this is going to end badly. I mean, there is already so much sexual tension between them, you could cut it with a knife.

So what happens next was somewhat expected but still makes you wonder why he asked.

So Athelstan is sitting in the booth and Judith walks up. They go through the routine: "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned." "What have you done my child?"

This is where things start to get interesting. 
Judith says that she has been unfaithful to her husband. She has had dreams of lying naked with a man that was not her husband.
Athelstan asks her if that is all they did... At this point you know that he knows what is going on.
She tells him that they made love as well.
Athelstan then asks the most cringe worthy question because we know what is going on.

Who were you lying with?

I honestly cringed because after that you know this is only going to end one way.
She says it was him and leaves. 
Like I said, so much sexual tension.
When Lagertha and Athelstan leave, he tells her she never got her penance. She states that his leaving is her penance.
I would really like to see where both Lagertha and King Ecbert as well as Judith and Athelstan's romance is going to go.
Bjorn and Porunn are also still together. They believe they are pregnant, but Porunn still continues to work hard in battle and even left Bjorn. Bjorn didn't like this at all, so he asked her to marry him. She was very shocked, but said yes (of course!). He then said fine, but we all know that he was smiling like crazy because he is in love with her.
According to the preview for the next episode, Athelstan and Judith may end together...

An Injury:
This injury was dragged out through the episode which made it even harder to bear.
Torstein was shot with an arrow last episode. He now wants it cut off. Bjorn offers to, but in the end Floki does it. Now, Torstein is missing an arm (left).

A Prophecy:
The three wives to the men (Ragnar - Aslaug; Floki - Helga; Rollo - Siggy) realized they have all been having the same dream. Helga was telling the two other women that she dreamed of a man walking towards them with a bloody hand. Aslaug and Siggy then say that they have had that exact dream. Aslaug said that by the time the man has reached her and she wakes up she wishes she hadn't so that she could hear what he was going to say.
By the end of the episode, a man is walking towards Helga with a wounded hand. She becomes mesmerized and watches him walk towards her. He then asks for help.
At what we can presume is the same time, Athelstan walks towards Lagertha with his wounds (from being crucified) bleeding from his hands.

What will happen next?

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  1. I want to watch this show so bad! It sounds so good :)

    1. Yeah, you should watch it! It is really worth it! Plus, it's really easy to binge!