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Your Boyfriend Tag

This is a list of boyfriends with a adjective/noun before boyfriend. You then have to find a boyfriend who matches the name. You can only name a boy once.

Your crazy boyfriend
The boyfriend who does some crazy things.
Floki from Vikings is my crazy boyfriend. He does a lot of things that just can't really be explained and he laughs about a lot of randoms things.
Overall, I do feel an attraction to him (Don't judge! :D). Seeing him with Helga shows that he can be a good man, too.

Your HOT boyfriend
The one who is so hot you can't even explain.
Bjorn from Vikings is my hot boyfriend. After that transition from young to old in season 2 I couldn't stop thinking about how hot he is every time he comes on screen. I liked him when he was young and thought he had really good morals and couldn't wait to see what he looked like when he got older. And the fact that he chose to stay with his mother and how he protects her, it shows his true side. Now, seeing him with Porunn, he truly is a man who cares about her. 

Your stupid boyfriend
The boyfriend who just isn't as smart as you.
Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is my stupid boyfriend. The reason for this is that he is forced into cooking meth, but he has no idea what he is doing. He failed Chemistry and I like to think of myself as more of a Walter.
The best part was when Walter thought he was getting somewhere with Jesse so he said: "Then you add the..." and lifts copper wire. Then Jesse says "Wire." Then Walter says "Copper you idiot!"

Your scary boyfriend
The one who could potentially really scare you if you met in real life.
Richie Gecko from From Dusk Till Dawn is my scary boyfriend. He could potentially scare me because, if you have seen the series you know that he is a little bit off the wagon. I mean, he is still my favourite character and a TV boyfriend of mine, but he sees a women who is telling him what to do. He does what she says and sometimes that includes hurting people.

Your mythical boyfriend
The one who you wish was real, but they aren't (werewolves, vampires, mermaids etc.).
Eric Northman from True Blood is my mythical boyfriend. He is a vampire that tries to win the affections of Sookie Stackhouse. He is very loyal and trustworthy towards certain people. But he can be a troublemaker, but he is just so hot.

Your out-dated boyfriend
The one from a completely different era than you.
Stan Rizzo from Mad Men is my out-dated boyfriend. Being as his story takes place in the 1960s, we are decades and decades apart from one another. But it doesn't stop me from liking him... a lot. Not to mention how sweet he and Peggy are to one another (especially when Peggy left the agency but they still spoke on the phone all the time).

Your criminal boyfriend
The boyfriend who does some things he probably shouldn't.
Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead is my criminal boyfriend. When he does his explanation of his life before zombies roamed the Earth, it shows that he was most likely a criminal. He continues to have the criminal feeling coming off of him, but in truth he has a strong moral compass and will do anything for those he truly loves and cares for.

Your genius boyfriend
The boyfriend who is smarter than you.
Michael Scofield from Prison Break is my genius boyfriend. He is so smart and seems to be able to get out of any situation he needs to. He has everything planned out and is so detailed. It was even better that he could think on his toes. When he got in sticky situations he could easily get out of them with his mind. Not to mention the way he treats Sara. 

Your badass boyfriend
The one who you wish would do all those badass things with you (or for you).
Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones is my badass boyfriend. I mean, this one shouldn't even need explanation. He slapped Jofferey and he doesn't let anyone get under his skin. He is strong, confident and extremely intelligent.

Your cartoon boyfriend
The one who is from a cartoon (excluding anime).
Phillip J. Fry from Futurama is my cartoon boyfriend. I don't have a huge crush on him because he is just too unintelligent for me to be with him, but he is funny. He makes me laugh and he treats Leela well. And he does have his moments...

Your anime boyfriend
The boyfriend who is in anime.
Spike from Cowboy Bebop is my anime boyfriend. This was difficult because I have a little thing for Jet. Jet is emotional and shows that he cares. Spike on the other hand doesn't. But Spike has a face that he uses when he is thinking (as shown in the picture) that I love. But I love Spike's hair and his long legs, so that is why I ended up choosing him.

Your almost boyfriend
The boyfriend who you thought you liked, but he did something that made you realize you don't actually like him.
Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill is my almost boyfriend because in the beginning of the series I thought that I would love him and that he would be the one that I couldn't wait to come back on screen. But that turned out to be Nathan. Lucas started to become someone that I didn't like and he started to lose himself. That is when I started to dislike his character. He has his moments that make you like him temporarily, but by the end of the series I didn't miss his character.

Your royal boyfriend
The one who is royalty.
Sebastian from Reign is my royal boyfriend. I originally hated him because he was trying to separate Mary from Frances and I hated the annoying love triangle. But when he was forced to marry Kenna, I thought that it was going to end terribly. But then episode 19 rolled around and they ended up being the couple that I root for. Sebastian is sweet, so hot and just nice to look at.

Your player boyfriend
The boyfriend who always has a different woman in his bed every night.
Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. This choice was difficult, but I knew that I had to choose Jax because he is hot, kind-hearted and when he shows his true colours it is amazing. Jax and Tara are an amazing couple who support each other. Jax continues to sleep with other woman until he gets back together with Tara.

Your religious boyfriend
The boyfriend that strongly believes in God or another religion.
Athelstan from Vikings is my religious boyfriend. He starts out as a Christian, but converts to believe in the Norse Gods when he starts living with Ragnar. But then he gets held captive by King Ecbert and he converts back to Christian. But now he doesn't know exactly what he wants to be because he believes in both religions. Athelstan treated the children well and treated Ragnar and Lagertha with respect (even though at that point he was their captive). 

Your realistic boyfriend
The one who you would actually be compatible with in real life. 
Sam Merlotte from True Blood. Ever since the first episode of that show I have had a thing for Sam, but I also always knew that if he was a real person he could be with me. He is sweet to Sookie, but still stern when he needs to be. Not to mention that he looks great in jeans.

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