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Let's Talk about the latest episode: Vikings S3E3

Vikings Season 3 Episode 3
Let's Talk contains spoilers.

King Ecbert visits the developing Viking settlement as the first harvest is sown.

First, let me start by apologizing for this being so late. I missed the episode on Thursday, and finally found it on TV Tuesday night.
So get ready to talk about the latest episode. This episode had a surprising man and an injury (again?!); the continuation of romances; the strange-healing man (Harbard); the religious untones; and the three women at home.

Torstein finally died. He did it in battle for Ragnar in order to help them fight on behalf of Princess Kwenthrith (this time against her uncle). We all knew something was going to happen to him after losing his arm in the last episode. Look through the pictures to say goodbye to Torstein:

Surprising Man and the Injury:
This overall surprised me quite a bit because I certainly wasn't expecting that from him: Bjorn's fiancee (I know, his fiancee now!) was in battle at the beginning of the episode. The Vikings were fighting now against Princess Kwenthrith's uncle. As they were fighting, Porunn was hit. Bjron helped her, but for now we don't know if she will be alright or not.
Sure, this isn't too comforting being as she's pregnant, but this is the shocking part.
Ragnar came to see Bjorn, and as Bjorn told him that Porunn was pregnant. Ragnar stated that he is not his son and that he would lose in battle. Then he stormed off.
Rollo then told him that everything was going to be alright. That Porunn was going to be alright. This was very shocking to me because Rollo is the one who is rude to Siggy and always treating her terribly.
Is it just me, or does it seem that Rollo is being more of a father to Bjorn right now.
Or does Bjorn need tough love right now?
I am on the side of Rollo right now. I am not generally a big fan of Rollo, but he was just so nice to Bjorn and telling him that everything was going to be alright. Rollo has always been there for Bjorn ever since he was a little boy.
Ragnar for me is currently going downhill. He was a character that I liked in the beginning, but he is becoming someone who I don't enjoy seeing anymore. He is just losing something that made him... I guess him.
Ragnar has also gotten hit with a stake across the stomach. He is now injured and it looks as if it will carry on to the next episode.

Continuation of Romances:
Our romances include Lagertha's and King Ecbert, and Athelstan and Judith.
Lagertha and King Ecbert now seem to be taking their romance to the next level. King Ecbert brought all four people to his bathing room. He then continued to ask them to join him in the big tub.
Lagertha and King Ecbert started going at it in front of Athelstan and Judith. Athelstan started making small gestures towards Judith to either get her attention or to make her realize her want for him. He reached behind her to grab the wine, showing that he might put his arm around her.
Judith then stated that this was very wrong and she left.
Then, Athelstan followed while Lagertha and King Ecbert kept making out.
Then we got to see Athelstan shirtless.
It was such a sight to see...
I know we saw it before, but he was being crucified so I wasn't paying as much attention to him shirtless as I was to what would happen next.

Strange-healing Man (Harbard):
We all wanted to see what would happen when the strange man showed up to Helga. The three women let him stay. But what really caught my attention was when he stopped Aslaug's baby from crying. All women were astonished.
Let's also not forget when the two little boys were brought in from the water after being caught by the net. Siggy walked away and gave the man a look that makes us believe she knows something about him that we don't know yet.
I was equally. I want to see where this is going to go from here.

The Religious Undertones:
This whole episode contained religious undertones. One person who has been having difficulty with religion is Floki. He doesn't understand why they are helping the religious girl. Honestly, I don't understand why they are helping her either. Other than the fact that King Ecbert told them to. But Floki has been having a hard time with religion since season 2. When they raided the village and he started killing the priest in front of Althelstan it proved that he truly believes in the norse gods and that is it. He refuses to even hear of other religions.
I want to see where this takes Floki. If it will either help him (because he is loyal to his beliefs) or if it will stab him in the back because he is to loyal.

The other religious disagreement occurred at the end of episode 3. Lagertha started the first harvest and King Ecbert wanted to stay. By the end, after she thanked many norse gods, Ecbert was shocked and one of his men told him that he must get rid of them or convert them to Christianity.

Three Women at Home:
One particular thing that I want to talk about is their reaction to the children that were caught in the net. When the fisherman came with the children, Siggy didn't look shocked. She looked as if she already knew what was going on. Then she saw the new strange man and asked him why he wasn't doing anything and left. Aslaug, as usually, didn't notice any of this go on. She always seems to be a few steps behind the women. But Helga seemed to notice this exchange occur.
It seems to me that Helga observes a lot more than she will let on to the other women.

So who is Harbard and what is he capable of? Will the romances survive even with their different religion in the way? Will Ragnar win against Princess Kwenthrith uncle?

The next episode premieres March 12th at 10:00pm on History.

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