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Let's Talk about: Outlander S1 Part 1

Outlander (TV Show)
Let's Talk contains spoilers.

This show is amazing! The acting is phenomenal and they couldn't have cast a better Jamie!
So first off, let me state that I HAVE READ THE BOOK! So some of what I talk about might be comparisons between the two.
Get ready to talk about the characters; the book vs TV show; scenes that were unnecessarily added; what might happen; and lastly, the second part trailer (and my reaction).

The Characters:
Claire: The main character. She travels through stones at Craigh na Dun. Great casting choice, but the way they wrote Claire makes her come off as annoying and stupid. I didn't think of her as annoying or stupid in the book. I imagined Claire looking a little bit younger.
Jamie: Claire's husband from 1743. He is a great love of Claire. One of the best casting choices I have ever seen (plus he's hot). My favourite character in the show because he is selfless and caring.
Frank: Claire's husband from 1945. His great, great, great etc. grandfather was Black Jack Randall. Good enough casting choice. The actor does amazing as Black Jack Randall. I don't mind Frank but I absolutely hate Black Jack.
Dougal: Colum's brother. He wants to sleep with Claire, but never acts on his want. Dougal seems to have different motives than his brother. I'm not particularly fond of Dougal.
Angus: One of the comic reliefs. Even though he does make fun of Claire sometimes, he is defiantly a comic relief. I love his character and how he seems to be best friends to Rupert. They work for Dougal and spy on Claire.
Rupert: As I said, he works for Dougal and spies on Claire. This actor is awesome. There is something about the way he looks that makes me smile just thinking of him. He knows a lot about knives and fighting with them.
Laoghaire: She really likes Jamie but can't seem to hold his attention. She has also fooled around with other guys before and almost got publicly punished, but Jamie took her punishment.
Murtagh: Quiet and mysterious. He doesn't particularly like Claire it seems. But there is something about him (even before I read the books) that makes me intrigued.
Geillis: Known through the village to be a witch. She knows a lot about herbs. She and Claire are friends, but often Geillis will ask Claire questions that Claire really doesn't want to answer.

Book VS TV Show:
I actually didn't see much difference between the two when I first watch the show (because I hadn't read the book), but the second time watching (after reading the book) I see the differences. The biggest difference that bothers me is Claire. For some reason she is just so much easier to like in the book. In the show she does some things that just frustrate me to no end. 
As I was discussing this problem with the show, I know that the problem isn't Caitriona Balfe but the way the writers wrote the character. Once again, nothing against the writers, it is just converting a huge novel into a series is difficult. 
I listed some differences below, but they seem to be following most of it well. I just hope that they don't change the ending of the first book. I know it will be so difficult to watch, but it is part of their story.

Unnecessary Scenes/Changes:
  • The Wool Scene: Only referenced to in the book, but only in book 2. Claire then tries to take back a goat for milk for one of the mothers baby. This makes Claire seem like she needs help, so a guy working asks her if she is okay. This leads to the interrogation.
  • The Interrogation with Jack Randall: This was so unnecessarily extended. In the book, Claire spent about two pages in the interrogation. But it isn't because of how long they spend, it is because of how it was changed. Thomas was never in the books and Claire didn't say that Jack has hope to be better. This scene frustrated me to no end.
  • The Near-Rape: After Claire and Jamie are married they leave the camp to have sex. First of all, they didn't spend nearly enough time on their 'honeymoon'. In the book they spent three days getting to know one another and learning to trust one another. This was important because it gave Claire a chance to get to know Jamie and herself. But when they went off and Claire almost got raped, she said that she hated Jamie (until she realized she didn't). But it was so frustrating because she got mad at him and wouldn't talk. This is why those three days were so important. Because by the end of the mid-season finale I dislike Claire immensely. But I love her character in the book.
  • Getting back to Craigh na Dun: She ran all the way to Craigh na Dun and they caught her there. In the books, we never saw Frank and I honestly would have been perfectly fine with it being that way. I felt that adding Frank's story was to say that he is more like Black Jack Randall, but honestly, where do they plan on taking that bit of information?
What will happen next?
Being as I read the book, I do know what is going to happen next. According to the trailer, he get's her out of her sticky situation (because we see them together). But what happens next? Well, if it does go according to the book, there is going to be a lot of unhappy feminists. I actually hope it goes by the book, though, because a lot of things happen because of it that build their relationship.
If you've read the book, comment and let me know what you think.

Season 1 part 2 trailer:
Airs on Starz April 4th @ 9:00pm
Airs on Showcase April 5th @ 10:00pm
Being as I am from Canada, I don't get Starz so I will be waiting one more agonizing day in order to watch it when it airs.

My favourite part is when they count to 5! It is so intense and when they say: two! It makes me so excited and... just look at them! (Time: 0:59)

This trailer makes me excited and I don't know what to do with myself. And the music choice was amazing! Seeing a familiar face that others may not catch onto... Noting little similarities between the book and trailer... Things are going to get insane!

Comment below and let me know what you think will happen next!
Also comment and let me know your reaction to the next trailer!

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