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Let's Talk about the latest episode: Vikings S3E6

Vikings Season 3 Episode 6
Let's Talk contains spoilers.

Preparations for the Paris raid pick up speed, and Rollo thinks about the Seer's prophecy.

I know that I skipped a couple Let's Talk, but this episode was intense, I just needed to!

So first, quick recap of episode 5; then let's do a name call of the people that have died so far in season 3 (I have already shouted out to Torstein, wherever he is now); next we will discuss the religion and how far it has gone; Judith and her confession; Bjorn's daughter and what he did; Rollo (because apparently he thought about the Seer); and lastly, what will happen next?.

At the end of episode 5, King Ecbert got his son to kill the people in the Viking settlement. I knew as soon as his son started killing all the people that King Ecbert must be involved. Nobody else knows that king Ecbert was involved.

Season 1
I know, I was just as amazed that she is actually dead. I mean, she has been on the show the entire time. Season one: she was married to the Earl with daughters.
Season 2
Siggy in season 2 was not married and is now helping Lagertha and Princess Aslaug with their children. Her daughter and husband are dead and she is alone. She ended up marrying Rollo.
Season 3
It's hard to believe this is the last time we see her. In the beginning I disliked her, but I grew to like her a lot. When she actually did die, I didn't really seemed shocked because I thought that they would just bring her back. But she never did come back. And seeing how Rollo reacted was so sad. Now, she is dead.
Siggy's death
This is definitely very sad and I blame Aslaug for it. She just needed to sleep with Harbard. At least Siggy got to see her daughter before she died. Siggy was the only one who actually cared about the kids. She saved them!

So on to the next death... This one killed me. I already reviewed his previous self in another Let's Talk.
This one made me so sad. I didn't think they would actually kill him. In season 1 and 2 I didn't mind Floki, but now that he killed Athelstan I hate him.
I loved, loved, loved Athelstan. He was my all time favourite character.
So time to go down memory lane:
Season 1
Season 2 before King Ecbert
Season 2 after King Ecbert
Season 3

Athelstan has been battling with himself, trying to figure out who he really is and what his religion is. In season 1 there was no question to his Christianity, but in season 2 he was following the Norse gods. But after he went back to King Ecbert he was torn. By season 3 he was following God, but would continue to acknowledge the Norse gods. He taught Ragnar how to pray. Ragnar and Athelstan have grown so close, too. Then Floki killed Athelstan over their religions. 
Floki actually started choking Helga. This was very intense. Athelstan was given a sign from God and he told Ragnar that he now follows God and only God. This made Floki furious.
He came to Athelstan's house and killed him.
The writer's probably wanted to finalize a decision for Athelstan before he died. I just can't believe he's dead. I can't believe I didn't see it coming.

Judith's confession:
As we all know by now, Judith and Athelstan slept together. 

Last episode we figured out that Judith was pregnant. So did her husband who hasn't slept with her in a while... This episode she gave birth. And everyone wanted to know who the child's father was. They tied Judith to a post and cut off her ear.
Cut off her ear!
As they went to cut off the next one, she yelled: Athelstan! 
King Ecbert stated that the child must be holy because Athelstan was a very good man. 

Bjorn's daughter:
Porunn finally gave birth. She was moping within herself because she wasn't happy. But Aslaug kept telling her to stop it, because she will love this child. They ended up having a girl. Bjorn is very happy and loves his child and is praising Porunn. She is finally starting to stop moping. She put a cover over the right side of her face to cover the scar. But Bjorn ended up kissing some other girl. A servant girl (he seems to have a thing for them). I know many people who watch the show watch for the action, but you have to admit that it made you view Bjorn in a different light.

Honestly, Rollo was hardly in this episode. I mean, he is still mourning Siggy, but that's about it. But I am very curious as to what is going to happen with to him being as the Seer said amazing things would happen.

What happens next?:
I am so excited to see what is going to happen next. When Ragnar buried Athelstan, he was crying like crazy. He built him a cross with sticks and used it to mark the grave. But what is going to happen when Ragnar figures out it was Floki? 
Ragnar and Athelstan were best friends. Not to mention that earlier in this episode when Athelstan finally realized that he wanted to be Christian, Ragnar begged him to stay.
Because Athelstan agreed to stay, he is dead.
Where does this leave Ragnar? Will Floki be the next to die?

Comment below and let me know what you think will happen next!

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