Monday, 4 May 2015

Analyzing TURN Season 2 Poster

I was looking through my blog to make sure all the dates were set up properly for my TV shows, and I saw TURN. I realized that every time I see the poster I stop to see who is on what side. Well, I decided that I would look through that with you guys! Here is a close up of the poster:

On the left, we have the Americans. On the right, we have the British. Being as I never took an immense amount of time to see, I was surprised to see a few select people on either side.

On the LEFT we have:
  • George Washington
  • Ben Talmadge - looking hot pulling out a gun
  • Caleb Brewster
  • Anna Strong
  • Benedict Arnold - with his back to the British but looking at them
On the RIGHT we have:
  • Major John Andre
  • Captain Simcoe - he seriously looks murderous
  • Major Hewlett
  • Mary Woodhull - looking very displeased
  • Richard Woodhull
  • Robert Rogers
I was surprised to see Mary on the British side, but after the season one finale, I have to say that I honestly couldn't care less. I couldn't believe that she destroyed the notebook! She is so worried about herself and keeping the man that she doesn't even seem to love!
I like all the characters resting on the left right now, except for Benedict Arnold. And not just because he becomes a traitor, but his character is just annoying.
I love Ben and can't wait to see more of him in the episode airing tonight.
On the right, I like John Andre. I don't know why, but his character is just likeable. I hate, with a passion, Captain Simcoe. Even his voice bothers me!
I don't mind Major Hewlett because he isn't killing people for no reason, he is just doing what he is told.

I thought that this idea for the new poster was perfect! It looks great and it shows where everyone stands at this point.

Remember, new episode airs tonight!

Well, this is all for now! Hope this helps for those of you struggling with the names or looking for a clear view of who is on which side!
Comment below and let me know what you thought of the separation of the sides for the poster! Let me know who your favourite character is!

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