Sunday, 1 December 2013

Entertainment E-Nails #2

Last times E-Nails: Breaking Bad
The next E-Nails is:

About Dexter: A Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice.
Actors/Actresses:  Michael C. HallJennifer CarpenterDavid Zayas
Rating: 18A
*Not recommended for children under 16
Seasons: 8    
This is the Dexter inspired nail design:

Take the following steps to create the Dexter nails:
Step 1: Apply a coat of white nail polish. Let dry.
Step 2: Put tape around your fingers so you keep the rest of your fingers clean.
Step 3: Using a straw: Place the straw into red nail polish. Lift out and place your lips around the straw and blow out. Be careful not to blow in.
Step 4: It should appear as shown, if it doesn't you may be using to much. Let dry.
Step 5: Take the tape off your fingers and carefully apply a top coat.

If desired, you can add D into the first finger, EX into the second, TE into the ring finger and R into the pinky.

Those are the steps for the Dexter nail design. Hope you liked the tutorial and comment below.

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  1. Love the nails. I did them after I saw a tutorial and love them! Thanks so much!