Thursday, 12 December 2013

Read-a-Thon #ReadingCram

I am going to be joining a Read-a-Thon challenge. It is hosted by Danasquare and Juliababyjen's Reading Room.
It is from December 9th - December 22nd 2013.

There are going to be challenges each day, as well. I will complete the challenges I missed, although I know it won't count. Here is a list of each challenge:
Dec. 9 - TBR Challenge (Hosted by Jen)

Dec 10 - Teaser Challenge (Hosted by Tanya @BookLovingHippo)

Dec 11 - Top Ten Books You Read in 2013 (Hosted by Jessica @Let Me Tell You a Story)

Dec 12 - Spine Poetry

Dec 13 - Favorite Book-to-Movie Release in 2013

Dec 14 - Seasonal Challenge

Dec 15 - Twitter Synopsis Challenge

Dec 16 - Movie cast challenge (Hosted by ME)

Dec 17 - Song Challenge

Dec 18 - Post a Review Challenge

Dec 19 - Spine Poetry

Dec 20 - Spell it out challenge

Dec 21 - Most Anticipated 2014 Releases (Hosted by ME)

Dec 22 - Wrap Up Post (Hosted By Dana Square)

I am entering because I am behind in my reading goal. I will try to update everyday.
Here are details if you want to enter:
So why should you participate?
1. To read more books you've been trying to read all year
2. Do fun challenges and and win prizes
3. Encourage other people to read with you

You must post a Sign Up Post (Must be linked down below in the linky, this is to spread the word)
Must have our graphic
Links to our blogsName, dates of the read-a-thon
Any personal goals (optional)
They may put up their posts on their blog, Tumblr, or Youtube (if they don't have a blog) (Taken from Book Chick 2013)

Keep updates for anything else I might post, and movie posts are coming, they are just slow! Sorry about that movie lovers!

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