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Guest Post: Let's Talk about Teen Wolf S4

Guest speaker: Book Chick A.K.A Alex
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First, to clear the air, I did watch Teen Wolf. But I stopped by season 3. I found more interest in more adult shows. But since I started the segment, Let's Talk, Book Chick has asked me if she could guest post about Teen Wolf.

And now, without further ado: Alex's Let's Talk about Teen Wolf season 4. **SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE**

Ladies & gentlemen

Yes, it is I, Book Chick..... talking about TV Shows. Anyway, Let's Talk About...

Teen Wolf: Season 4

I mean...

What will we be discussing?
- The "enemy"
- The characters
- The relationships

Before I really get into everything, the new beginning (opening credits song) is awesome. I can't fully show how awesome with just this photo, but here's what I could find:

In the fourth season, the "enemy" was Kate, re-risen from the dead. Kind of peculiar since she was suppose to be dead. However, in the end of season 3 part 2, we see a little confusing teaser of what's to come. And when we see Derek in his "dream" state, it is hard to say what he saw with Kate was real or not. Either way, she's back. And, I don't know about you, but I hated Kate from the beginning, so to have her returning was not something I was to happy about. What was even more frustrating was that Kate returned as a werewolf.

She was turned from the "claws going to deep" as we are reminded of a lot through the season. In season 1, Peter Hale scratched through her throat, apparently deep enough to turn her.
With Kate, she had a pack of followers. These followers where un-beatable the first few times Scott and his pack went up against then. Kate was called the "Bone Woman" by the Mexican family because her followers were men made up of bones. 

And one of the most terrifying part's of the show was episode 11 because Scott turned into one of these Berzerkers. It was terrifying to watch because, let me guess: you were thinking Scott would find a way to get out like he always does? Nope. You just have to suffer watching his transformation. And then to torture you more, the episode ends.

The other enemy noticed in this season, was a man without a mouth. He spoke with some device strapped onto his arm. It was very Jigsaw-like from the Saw series.

He just creeped the crap out of me. I mean, look at him. The problem with having this enemy as well as Kate is the finale. When the final "show-down" takes place, it was Kate the group really went against, so these "enemies" are more like side characters who decided to be evil. This side character was known as "The Mute".

Even more frustrating? His story of Teen Wolf is never concluded. I mean, come on! He has his own mini part in the beginning song!

See him? Right above Dylan's name?

I found the villains to be weak in this season of Teen Wolf and much preferred the villains from season 3 part 2. Kate was not a surprise return for me, as I saw a spoiler and was very sad to have it ruined but learned to deal with it. In the end of the season, Kate's story is never concluded itself either; after Allison's dad shot her, she just ran off. Argent agreed to go after her, but that is all we see of them. For my preference's, the villains were to predictable in this season. Especially Peter.

Please tell me you saw that coming too, because he is always, always, always going to be a villain no matter how you slice it. I think he needs a girl. He definitely does.


New characters/minor characters made into major ones
Liam was the newest character this season. How he became a wolf: Scott bit him, to hold him up from a fatal fall at the hospital. Before: the awesome thing was, Liam was great at lacrosse before he was a wolf. I hated him for it because I cheered so much for Scott and Stiles.

He had super fast reflexes and was great in net. And when Scott and Stiles said they would take him, Scott used some "wolf-power" and I believe he ended up spraining Liam's ankle. Liam was a freshmen, whereas Scott was a senior. So, when Scott and Liam started to hang out together because Scott was Liam's alpha, everyone was questioning it.

At first, Liam hated Scott, but they eventually became friends. This friendship seemed like a realistic one; it wasn't made up to seem fake or like something you would never see happen. It made me really happy to see Kira make the lacrosse team as well. She was strangely good with the stick, possibly from using her samurai sword that none of her teachers knew of *wink, wink*

Even better about when she joined the team? Scott didn't make a big fuss about it. He accepted her. Honestly, I could go on pages and pages about how cute they are together, but that's a topic for later.

Kira was a character I was happy to see join the cast. After Allison was killed (which I was incredibly happy about) I was so overjoyed to see Scott FINALLY move on. Kira is a kitsune, meaning she can control energy/light. 

I think my favourite attribute to the Teen Wolf cast this season was: Malia. She became a main character in season 4, being in almost every episode. And the main reason I was happy to have her join: Stiles! Could have guessed it right? I love Stiles, but there is nothing more annoying then Lydia, and watching him pine over her frustrated me. And when Malia came in, being a character who reminded me so much of myself, she and Stiles just clicked. And that just made me overjoyed.

And the best part is seeing Lydia look uncomfortable.

Deputy Parrish is still a character I know so little about. He was in the deadpool, meaning that someone wanted him dead for $5; no I'm kidding. But he seemed to be pretty offended by only being $5 and it made me laugh so hard. Deputy Parrish is a supernatural being that even he isn't sure who he is. Maybe he'll be next season's villain? Maybe he'll become a major character? It is exciting to not know what will happen, but also annoying.

Derek is a great character. I was shocked to see him become a teenager again, and I'm still confused to that storyline. Apparently he trusted Kate when he was a teenager, but I still don't know if they had some sort of relationship with her, or if they were just friends. However, I must say that I am sad to say goodbye to Derek because, if you didn't know, he's not going to be in the next season as a regular occurring character. And Derek is great; he's funny and sarcastic and a great help to Scott who became an Alpha. And it's annoying to see him go because right at the end of season 4, and I mean RIGHT AT THE END, he turned into... yup, a wolf. A freaking wolf! What?! How is he leaving, he just turned into a freaking wolf!


Scott & Kira
I found they're relationship sort of bumpy:
1. There "kinds" are enemies of one another
2. Kira is suppose to move... and never tells Scott about it
3. After Allison died, Scott was having a hard time loving someone new... or so he thought

Reasons why they work:
1. Kira is on the lacrosse team with Scott and he didn't get all jealous about it
2. Scott cares about her well being, but doesn't force her to stay behind when battle begins
3. They're both supernatural forces that are suppose to be enemies but are actually falling in love with one another

Stiles & Malia
Stiles and Malia are the cutest couple on the show. I love that Malia protects Stiles; after season 3, I found Stiles could really use a girlfriend and after much pining over Lydia, I was overwhelmingly happy to see him move on to someone better. It was also shocking when Malia found out Peter was her father, and the cutest part was Stiles was trying to protect her from that.

I love the humuor that comes with Stiles character. Especially when it was one of Malia's first full moons trying to be a human and he was chaining Malia. Then his dad walked in. It was so funny, and that is why Stiles is one of the best character's on this show.

Derek & Braden
Finally Derek gets a girl that isn't a creepy and scary teacher who is actually using him. The best thing is, Braden is a human girl and they are so cute together because he is all protective alpha male type. The funniest thing is that they always just wanted a moment together but just couldn't get it because of the always looming enemy.

Honestly, no matter how hard they tried, the enemy was always brooding somewhere not far behind. In the final episode, we see Derek transform right after he "died". Braden was freaking out, killing everything in her path so that she could get to Derek. They just make a great couple because they look out for one another and truly care about each other.

Thanks so much for reading and please comment below with your thoughts, favourite couple, or favourite episode!!


  1. Thanks so much for having me Sydney! It was a pleasure!

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