Sunday, 26 April 2015

Reasons Why TURN is amazing

How did this show almost get cancelled? It's awesome!

1) It's about the first American spy ring! It is a true story, which just makes this show even better! I get to be educated while being entertained!

2) The action!! We get to see the war, mini-battles, duels, and fist-fights!

3) The drama!! I totally vote for Anna and Abe! And I can't stand Mary!

4) Abe... He's a hottie and a spy! Danger and smarts...

5) Ben... I am just so attracted to him.

6) John Andre's little braid.

7) The ability to see both sides! They do a good job of giving us the chance to see not only the U.S. side, but the British side (and it shows not all British officers were like Simcoe).

8) It shows the friendship between 4 lifelong friends (who became spies together). You can't tell me that's not cool?

9) It's renewed for a second season!

So go start TURN because it is a historical gem that is certainly worth watching!
Comment below and let me know what you think of TURN, who your favourite character is and why!

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