Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Ultimate Book Tag

This tag was created by Chapter Chicks and I was not tagged. I seem to not get tagged often, but honestly, that's fine because I love doing tags!

I also saw this on Book Chick's blog if you want to check their's out.

So on with the tag!
Do you get sick reading in the car?
Sometimes. I can read sometimes, but most of the time I get a feeling of sickness. It is really random. I prefer to read on buses or airplanes, because driving in cars make me feel sick a lot quicker.

Which author's writing style is completely new to you, and why?
Ransom Riggs. I read Miss Peregrine's back in 2012, and his writing style amazed me. He writes great and the way that he ties it in with the photos is amazing. Especially after reading Hollow City, it just leaves me so surprised at the way he intertwines photos in his story. I look forward to the final Miss Peregrine book and other novels he will write.

Harry Potter or Twilight? AND give three reasons why.
I've only read Twilight, but I've seen Harry Potter and I'm going to go with that.
1. I prefer action with some romance on the side
2. I love the idea of witches and witchcraft. It makes the world seem invincible.
3. So much adventure...

Do you carry a book bag? And what's in it?
I do carry a book bag. And you do not want to know what's in it. But in case you do:

  • Whatever books I'm reading
  • Whatever show I'm watching
  • Two calculators
  • My Agenda/Calendar
  • Water
  • Hand cream
  • Lip Chap
  • Vaseline
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • My Kindle
  • Headphones
  • My phone

Do you smell your books?
Let's be honest. We've all done it at least once. I love smelling old books, but just yesterday, I was smelling The Retribution of Mara Dyer (which isn't old). So yes, I do smell books and they smell great.

Books with or without illustrations?
I strongly prefer books without illustrations. I make a few exceptions and that is Ransom Riggs books because they have creepy photos from the past. But I prefer to make the world that I'm reading as I see it, not the way someone said to.

What book did you love while you read it, but found out it wasn't actually quality writing?
When I first got a Kindle, I became fascinated with self-publish and read many Shelly Crane books, Quinn Loftis and Abbi Glines (when she self-published) and I thought they were great. But then I realized they weren't quality writing. But I still read all these authors.

Funny stories from your childhood involving books?
Not really. The only thing I can say is that I used to loathe reading and when we were forced to read, I would pick absolutely terrible books. I didn't mind reading books as a class, but then starting reading stuff like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dear Dumb Diary and started to love kid-comedy books with some illustrations.

The thinnest book on your shelf?
I honestly don't even know. I have 4 bookshelves and a Kindle. 
But physical book wise: One of my Walking Dead comics (by Robert Kirkman).

Kindle wise: Fearless by Brigid Kemmerer (48 pages)

The thickest book on your shelf?
Once again, too many books... 
But physical book wise: Under The Dome by Stephen King (1074 pages) and Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (1070 pages)

Kindle wise: Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (754 pages)

Do you read and write? Could you see yourself as an author?
Simultaneously? Um... not really. I think that one day I could be an author just because I have so much in my mind. But I honestly prefer writing screenplays and the like.
But an author? Possibly. I think I might be too much of a logic person for it, though.

When did you get into reading?
I started really getting into reading when I became a teenager and found Goodreads. It took me a while to actually get an account, but then I wouldn't stop reading and adding to my Goodreads shelves.

Favourite classic?
I honestly don't read a lot of classics, but of the very, very few I've read, I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby.

Was your best subject English/Language Arts in school?
Not even close. I was alright at English, but my best subject was Chemistry.

If you were given a book as a present you read before and hated, how would you react?
I honestly don't think that would ever happen because when I hate a book, everyone knows. But if it did happen, I would be grateful. Another book to add to my shelves.

What is a lesser known series that you know that is similar to Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
I haven't read either, but I know well enough about them that I can recommend some books:

  • Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (More out in the open, but major characters do die)
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (I have yet to read it, but just read the synopsis and you'll agree)
  • Legend by Marie Lu (Fighting against the government)
  • The Selection by Keira Cass (A girl fighting to get a guy while fighting the government)
  • Witch and Wizard by James Patterson (A boy and his sister who figure out they are witches)
  • Rush by Eve Silver (Once again, I have yet to read it, but just read the synopsis, you'll agree)
  • The End Games by Michael T. Martin (Once again, I have yet to read it, but check the synopsis)

What is a bad habit you have while filming?
I don't film my videos, but when I had to film a video for school or just a project, I had a really bad habit of just staring at the camera when I wasn't speaking. It resulted in really funny videos.

Favourite word?
I don't really have a favourite word. Let me think... I guess I like the word whatevs. I say it a lot (99% of the time, jokingly). 
So... whatevs.

A nerd, dork, or dweeb? Or all of the above?
Nerd. All the way.

Vampires or faeries? Why?
Okay, I am going to have to go with Vampires because of Eric from True Blood. Faeries just annoy me, but sometimes they can be cool. I'll consider changing my answer when someone comes out with a cool faerie book.

Shapeshifter's or angels? Why?
This is tough. I like angels, but shapeshifters are just too cool. Yeah, I'm going to have to go with shapeshifters. Just having the ability to change to whoever/whatever you want is awesome! 
I probably would have chosen angels (I really liked Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick), but shapeshifters are just too cool.

Spirits or werewolves? Why?
Werewolves. Mainly because they interest me more. Spirits creep me out. If we are discussing on a 'which would you rather read' I say werewolves. I've seen enough scary movies (Insidious or Sinister) about spirits to be creeped out for a while.

Zombies or vampires? Why?
Vampires. Because, sure they bite you too, but when they do you either turn into a vampire or just lose some blood. When zombies bite you, you're dead.

Love triangle or forbidden love?
THIS question is difficult... I guess forbidden love. Love triangles are nice every once in a while, but it is always so obvious who the protagonist will chose. They especially get annoying when you are completely rooting for someone who the protagonist never hangs out with. And it annoys me greatly. Forbidden love provides stolen kisses and secret romances. It is much sweeter.

LAST: Full on romance or action-packed with a few love scenes between?

Action-packed with a few love scenes between. For me, it being action-packed makes the romance that much greater. Full on romance just doesn't give me enough tension build up that action provides.
Movie wise, though, either is good. But I still prefer the action with love scenes between.

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  1. I love the Great Gatsby too! That's basically the only classic I've read so far and can stand to reread :) I don't really like books with illustrations either (except for Ransom Riggs'!). It really screws with how I see the character. I can't even look at cover art or imagine actors for the characters because nothing is quite right! Haha I'll have to tag you more often! I have like 8 tags to do yet in the next few months - expect to be tagged :D

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I totally agree about seeing characters completely different than how you would! I always avoid (at all costs) fan art because it is always completely different than I see it!
      I don't read many classics either, but Great Gatsby was really good.
      Thanks for commenting Laura!