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Let's Talk about the latest episode: Vikings S3E8

Vikings Season 3 Episode 8
Let's Talk contains spoilers

The Viking army sets out and Paris goes into lockdown as the army prepares the defence.

Look at this: episode 8! That means there is only 2 episodes left!


Okay, I'm good.

There was 
almost deaths; an epic battle that lasted 30 minutes (I know right, awesome); Floki and his religion (which led to Helga at the last straw); and lastly, Ragnar has a hidden agenda.

Almost Deaths:

Let me list:
  • At least 20 random Vikings 
  • Lagertha
  • Rollo (the water!)
  • Floki
  • Bjorn
Epic Battle:
85% of the episode was epic battle!
Lagertha and Kalf were trying to break in one way, while Ragnar used Floki's climbing things to break in by climbing over. Eventually, Paris started burning all of Floki's climbing things. It's not like it mattered because everyone that made it to the top was killed anyways. 
The Princess (Gisla) came out and brought out the banner. She was trying to the Paris fighters everyone realize that they could do this (beat the Vikings).
Eventually, Rollo realized this and he looked at the Princess. They actually looked at each other for a long time before Rollo turned at started climbing.
This is when things got intense. Rollo got all the way up (obviously, look at him) and started fighting. The Princess started to look concerned. But in a split second that Rollo took to look back, they started fighting him. Eventually they pushed him off the ledge and he fell into the water. 
I thought he died, and I was so upset! But he came back from it.
But now Bjorn wants to fight back. He has been getting everyone to climb up, but hasn't gone up yet. So Bjorn goes up and then Ragnar follows.
Let's focus on Ragnar for a second: He got all the way up and he was fighting the Paris fighters. Ragnar was close to being beat, but for a second he got to see Paris.
This is good. He looked happy. This means good things will happen to the Vikings. Chances are that this just fuelled Ragnar even more.
Eventually they pushed Ragnar off and he stopped the troops. They stopped fighting. Ragnar then found Bjorn with two arrows right through him. I thought that he died! 
But Ragnar brought him back and he was alright.

Other than that, Lagertha and Kalf worked to break open the doors. It look time and power and caused a lot of casualties, but they opened the doors. But when they did no one was there. They all ran in and started yelling. But Kalf stopped Lagertha. He pulled her back and wouldn't let her go ahead. Then, suddenly, all the Paris fighters came out and started killing everyone ahead. Somehow, Kalf knew and saved Lagertha.
Later in the episode, they slept together.

Floki and his religion:
He started going all crazy when his lifts that he made were set on fire. First, people started falling all over the place because, as we learned before: Paris is impregnable.
He became scared so he hid underneath. Then Paris started pouring flammable liquid on everyone and lit it. Next thing you know everyone is burning and Floki is sitting in there yelling at his gods.

He was terrified. Later, after the Vikings lost the battle, Floki just sat in water. Helga came to see him and told him that he was a selfish man. He told her he killed Athelstan and it did nothing for her. She is scared now and doesn't know what to do.

Ragnar's hidden agenda:

He told Floki to create the plan of attack. But he actually had a secret plan. He is not on Floki's side. He is not with Floki. He knows that he killed Athelstan. And he still talks to him!

Final Notes:
The main characters we know are okay so far. They are still alive.
Paris will be taken by the Vikings some time soon (hopefully)

So, looking at the next episode trailer, it looks like Athelstan will make a spiritual appearance. I hope that the Vikings get everything working and take Paris.

A Bjorn picture to end the review:

Comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode and what you think will happen next!

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